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Coaching Regrets

One of the best ways to plan for your success is to realise where you are, then fast forward in order to look back at what you have achieved and how you did it. Did you follow that? That’s right…move forward, by skipping ahead and looking back! Living without regrets is a fantasy best left to people jumping off big ...

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Guest Post: 3 Things Every Coach Can Improve


Brad Stoffers is interested in coaching athletes AND coaching coaches. We asked him what he thought EVERY coach could improve. Below is his answer.  Whether a 20 year veteran or a first year coach, youth to professional, there are specific things every coach can improve upon, and if we are constantly preaching athletes to improve themselves, I believe we are ...

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How To Maximize Your Next Conference


Many of us are searching to make an impact in what matters most to us, but one bit of stimulation isn’t worth a conference admission fee. So in the search for better performance your attendance at these events should be coupled with high expectations and a concerted effort to reach them. Conferences shouldn’t just be a resource treat. Keep these ...

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7 Essential Questions For Great Coaching


Answer these questions everyday to work toward great coaching. 1. Are my athletes spending a high % of time on the task? This is relevant for a 5 year old soccer practice as much as it is for a professional athletes practice. If you want your sessions to be efficient and enjoyed, let them play. Talk less and get them ...

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Dear Coach Educator,


Dear Coach Educator: Thanks for your time and passion. Without you, many of us would be stuck using the same techniques (which aren’t all bad) that our grandfathers used. More importantly we would probably be using them without knowing how, when and why. Your courses and feedback are typically all most of us get in the way of professional development, ...

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