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40 Cal Challenge


What started as a bit of pre-season fun has taken grip amongst the Brisbane Premier rugby competition (and if whispers are to be believed, gyms across Queensland and NSW too) with the Queensland Rugby Union making it part of their build up. Never one to blindly copy (CrossFit use the 50 Cal), we had some specific criteria we needed and ...

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Introducing PropelFit

LiftStrong 3

Something that has been building for a while is a need to cater for the non-elite trainer – someone who might have a desire to lose weight, build muscle or simply be a healthier version of themselves. Keeping with the principles that has World, National and State champions training out of the same facility, we have created a commercial aspect ...

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Top 10 Posts for 2015

Top 10

Below are our Top 10 posts from 2015. 10) A New Facility – 2015 saw propelperform based out of one facility. Previously, we’d trained our Athletes and rehabbed out Clients at various facilities. Having gone through the process of designing a performance facility a number of times as an employee or consultant I thought I’d jot down some pointers for those who ...

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Junior Sport Science Symposium VI Report

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Hosting our 6th Junior Sport Science Symposium at the Ashgrove Sports Ground, we had 41 Coaches & Parents turn up to learn about developing young Athletes. Delegates came from a multitude of sports, including BMX, Mountain Biking, MMA, Rugby, Cricket, Track & Field, Skating, Hockey, Rowing, Knowing we’d have Darren Roberts as a presenter meant we geared much of the information towards ...

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QUT Professional Development


We held our first on-site course at the weekend. Previously we have been fortunate to use the facilities of St Peters Lutheran College or Brisbane Boys College but this is the first time we have used our facility and our equipment. 15 Queensland University of Technology students lifted, sprinted, argued, dissected, wrestled, challenged and grew in an effort to improve ...

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