What happens when you let kids play


One of the projects that the propelperform team has taken on is to help physically develop the younger students of Brisbane Boys College. The before-school program has been given the name “The Highlanders Club” and is open to any boy in grades 7 to 9; regardless of what sport (if any) they would like to participate in. Working closely with ...

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Keeping cool

Prowler - Look & Boon

While we know top level tennis is about executing incredible skill under intense pressure, and that the players possess unbelievable athleticism, sometimes these qualities are not enough. Sometimes, like at the US Open, in the suffocating summer heat and humidity of New York, the ability to endure the conditions is the key factor in walking off the court victorious. Below ...

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How to get a good nights sleep


Professional tennis players spend a lot of time travelling. This means different countries, time zones, hotel rooms and beds. They have to contend with each of these elements, and many more, and still get a good night’s sleep so they can perform on the court. One simple philosophy with regards to improving your sleep is to make your room like ...

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Group Training

Mt Coottha Bike Ride

Training in Groups One of the first differences I noticed from a football background into a Tennis Academy was the emphasis on one-on-one coaching. It seems that so many people, not necessarily the coaches though, consider one-on-one as the gold standard. While tennis coaches are can argue the merits of group versus one-on-one coaching, experience has shown that consistent improvements ...

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Tracking Physical Improvements

multisport propelperform

In High Performance Sport, it is not uncommon to hear about players undergoing physical testing. It often involves some type of speed, endurance and strength tests. These tests are performed after approximately 6 to 8 weeks, and are used to assess both the athlete’s improvement and the effectiveness of the program. This philosophy works well in many sports, especially those ...

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