Warm Ups – A Simple Framework

Warm Up

With over a decade within the Australian Institute Strength & Conditioning network, Emily Nolan has worked with a number of Olympic sports teams and individual athletes. In 2014, Emily was presented the Bruce Walsh Award – the highest award in Australian Strength and Conditioning.  Too many times in my career have I observed coaches who are 10-15minutes late to their own training sessions… can ...

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The Lindy Effect

Weightlifting Old 2

Pop Quiz: Whose music would you expect to hear in 100 years from now: a) Mozart; b) One Direction? If you guessed Mozart, you possibly based your answer on the ‘Lindy Effect’, whether you knew it or not. (If you guessed ‘One Direction’ you’re the first 13-year old girl we’ve had on this site). The Lindy Effect is a theory of life ...

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Top 10 Articles for 2014

Top 10

Below is a list of the Top 10 Articles written in 2014 as ranked by Google Analytics. Thanks to our Contributors who give up their time to share their knowledge and experience. 1) Development v Elite Sports – Director of Athletic Development at Port Adelaide AFL Club, Ian McKeown, explores the differences and similarities between ‘development’ and ‘elite’ sports. 2) ...

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For Parents: 17 Dos & Don’ts

Dos & Don'ts

1. Do support the Coach, especially in public and in front of your child. Regardless of the emotions, always remember that the Coach has every one of their young athlete’s best interests at heart. If there is a disagreement, settle it privately. It’ll benefit all parties.  2. Don’t let ‘Did you win?’ be the first question you ask your child. Rather ...

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Hard Road v Easy Street

Hard Road Easy Road

At the Junior Sports Science Symposium IV, internationally renowned Sports Performance Consultant Wayne Goldsmith mentioned that aspiring Elite Athletes have many small, seemingly insignificant, decisions they make every day. In each situation you can choose to take the Hard Road or you can choose to take Easy Street. And it is the accumulation of many, many Hard Road decisions that will ...

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