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Q&A: Darren Roberts

Roberts 7

Darren Roberts is a High Performance Manager who works with ‘Action Sport’ athletes. As my physical preparation journey is taking me towards BMXers, Skaters and MotoX, I am thrilled to do this Q&A. Hope you enjoy it too.    Hi Darren, welcome to the our Q&A. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your education & experience.  Thanks for ...

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Gurus v Mentors 2

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While writing this article (titled Gurus v Mentors) I facetiously asked the Twitterverse this:   Thinking of ditching the science and evidence and becoming a ‘Guru’… Anyone got any #GuruTips? — Grant Jenkins (@Grant_Jenkins) May 4, 2015   Below are some of the responses. @Grant_Jenkins make lots of noise and only engage with those who pay. Oh and sell something ...

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Gurus v Mentors


My disdain for those that position themselves as Gurus usually manifests quite passively – I just ignore them. However, as I feel my social responsibility grow, it has become apparent that there are certain groups of people (think: young coaches, impressionable parents and developmental athletes) that need guidance to ensure their ‘hard earned’ isn’t handed over to the (usually self-proclaimed) ...

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Q&A: Clyde Rathbone

Clyde Rathbone Sprint

Former Wallabies and Brumbies winger, Clyde Rathbone and I met at the South African-based Natal Sharks in 2002. As it happened, it turned out to be a stand out year for Clyde with him making his Super Rugby debut, winning the Under 21 Rugby World Championship as captain and signing with the Australian-based Brumbies. Clyde, since we first met you’ve ...

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The Bed of Procrustes


In the early 2000’s, as a young Strength & Conditioning Coach, I was appointed the S&C Coordinator for AFL Queensland. My first priority included physically preparing Queensland’s top U18 footballers for the National Championship while my second priority involved preparing those that were invited for the AFL Draft. Since I typically favoured ‘Strength’ over ‘Conditioning’, and given I have a rugby ...

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