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Optimising the Beep Test

Beep Test

Hopefully you’re not using the Beep (or more correctly, the Multi-Stage Shuttle) Test in your testing and training programs. But, if like me, you have to due to some decision makers needing to justify their positions some protocols you should know how to optimise the information. For a bit of background, I was working with a National Sports Organisation where we ...

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Guest Post: Resilience by David Watts


Off the back of his successful 2015  Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Conference presentation I asked David Watts to pen his thoughts for the PropelPerform audience. Below he discusses ‘Resilience’ for the successful Coach. David has also presented at the Junior Sport Science Symposium.  Resilience Achieving Long Term Success as a Strength and Conditioning Coach When we conduct experiments to determine the demands of a given ...

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6 Characteristics of High Performance

High Performance 2

It is not uncommon for many of us to assume that those that are working at the highest level of their sport must be ‘high performance’. Likewise, it is not uncommon for converse of that assumption to occur: those that are working at the developmental or amateur level are not ‘high performance’. However, in the two years since initiating propelperform, ...

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Puzzle v Mystery

puzzle mystery

As the field of Sports Science increases it is tempting to buy into the ever expanding realm of data collection and data analysis. Intuitively it makes sense: more information must mean that we can make better decisions – which players to pick for the match, which athletes to fund in the development pathway or what load can a sports person ...

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EOTC: Tolerance to Improvement

Evolution 2

Evolution of this Coach EOTC is a series of reflections, thoughts, anecdotes and growth spurts that have occurred in my coaching career. Some of these will show wholesale changes in direction while others might just be a continuing refinement. Hopefully you can either learn something or identify from this evolution. Changing Focus from Tolerance to Improvement As a young Physical ...

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