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Tracking Physical Improvements

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In High Performance Sport, it is not uncommon to hear about players undergoing physical testing. It often involves some type of speed, endurance and strength tests. These tests are performed after approximately 6 to 8 weeks, and are used to assess both the athlete’s improvement and the effectiveness of the program. This philosophy works well in many sports, especially those ...

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Ice baths (when travelling)

Ice Bath

Ask almost any top player how they’re feeling and most of the players will tell you that most of the time they are fatigued, jet lagged or are carrying a niggling injury. This is totally understandable considering the excessive travel they undertake, the pounding they put their bodies through and the constant grind of tournaments they play. The need for ...

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Perception Deception

Mitchell Ben Courier Backhand

The truth is most of us don’t see ourselves as we really are. Read more…

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Advanced Bridge

Aside from the crazy fad of planking in bizarre or dangerous locations, if you were to observe where people exercise, at some point you’d almost definitely see the bridge (or plank) performed. THE MOVEMENT – as an exercise, not as a stunt – exploded after Professor Stuart McGill’s work was popularised in the mainstream press. Before long it wasn’t uncommon ...

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Shut Your Mouth – Why you shouldn’t tell people your goals

Photo: Tom Ross

Read enough popular books, blogs and magazines on fitness and you’ll inevitably stumble across a piece on goal setting. Much of the information presented is correct – make them measurable, specific and have a timeline. So far, so good. There is another well-intentioned tip to help you achieve said goal: tell people about what you want to achieve. The idea ...

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