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Dear Former Athlete…

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Dear Former Athlete, First up, congratulations on your career. Competing at the highest-level puts you amongst a select group of individuals, an achievement most of us could only dream of accomplishing. In that regard, you have earned respect. There is no doubt that you will have lots to offer as you transition into the coaching realm. Secondly, it is fantastic ...

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Defending Gen Y


Previously called: Reply to (Journalist) Peter Fitzsimons I read, with interest, Peter Fitzsimons’ article ‘Why, oh why, does Gen Y not get it?‘, not because I agreed or disagreed with it but because I felt he was looking at the symptom and not the cause. We are a product of both Nature and Nurture, and our ‘nature’ hasn’t changed much in ...

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Guest Post: How to Maximise $ to Get Results

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Glenn Ottaway is the 2013 Intrust Super Cup Premiership winning CEO of The Skills Training Mackay Cutters. I’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Glenn over a number of years and we enjoy regular conversations. It’s obviously been more than exciting watching the results! At the completion of his second year as CEO he has transformed his franchise into a thriving ...

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Guest Post: The Little Things

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With clients and patients from the John McEnroe Tennis Academy  the LPGA & the WTA, I am always glad to catch up with Andrew Small. The last time I was in NYC  he showed me around his place of work, the impressive SportsLab NYC, where it is not uncommon to see NBA players and other elite athletes training & being treated.  ...

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Guest Post: 6 Principles for the School Environment

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If coaches are teachers, and teaching is coaching, then Grant Stephensen knows why as a high performer in both fields. He has mixed head coaching roles with Head of department roles and teaching with coaching for well over a decade. In my visits to his office I always notice there is certainly no shortage of silverware, from World Cups to ...

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