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10 Non-Athletic things every Athlete should do

multi sport

1) Thank your Parents First up, without them, there is no ‘you’. So thank them. Also, thank them for driving you to training. And to competition. And paying for both. And giving up their weekends so you can compete.   2) Have an Athletic Portfolio ready If you want to compete, even at the junior level, sport has become expensive. ...

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Q&A: Clyde Rathbone

Clyde Rathbone Sprint

Former Wallabies and Brumbies winger, Clyde Rathbone and I met at the South African-based Natal Sharks in 2002. As it happened, it turned out to be a stand out year for Clyde with him making his Super Rugby debut, winning the Under 21 Rugby World Championship as captain and signing with the Australian-based Brumbies. Clyde, since we first met you’ve ...

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Hard Road v Easy Street

Hard Road Easy Road

At the Junior Sports Science Symposium IV, internationally renowned Sports Performance Consultant Wayne Goldsmith mentioned that aspiring Elite Athletes have many small, seemingly insignificant, decisions they make every day. In each situation you can choose to take the Hard Road or you can choose to take Easy Street. And it is the accumulation of many, many Hard Road decisions that will ...

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What does David have in common with Goliath?


Regarded as one of the best Strength & Conditioning Coaches in Australia, Brendyn Appleby has switched from working with professional rugby players in the SuperRugby Competition to training the Australian Men’s (field) hockey team. Despite the obvious physical differences, there are some key characteristics that are similar in the champions of both sports.  The past few months have been an amazing time in ...

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Nutrition for the Young Athlete

Fresh Food

Paleo? High fat? High carbs? Atkins? Jenny Craig? 5:2? Grapefruit? No doubt you’ve heard about some of these diets and while some at least make a bit of sense, the chances are their conflicting solutions to your nutritional requirements will probably confuse you. So what should you adhere to for your young, athletic offspring? After fifteen years working, training and ...

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