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Graduates – Earn the Right

Earn the Right

The current trend for universities is to offer a masters degree for eager Strength & Conditioning coaches. It’s the perfect solution to the exact problem they created: 1) accept way too many students into their under-grad programs; 2) wait for the suckers to realise there aren’t many jobs on offer; 3) offer further (online – it’s cheaper) education to the ...

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I differentiate between a Course (measured in hours to days), Work Experience (measured in days to weeks) and an Internship (measured in months to a year) in time AND in hands on experience (Course: role-play; Work Experience: mainly observing; Internship: making decisions and owning the outcomes). Typically there are three types of Internships: Unpaid, Paid and Pay-to-Play. Below are my ...

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The Anti-Fragile Kid


Most of us have a fairly good understanding of the term ‘fragile’ – something that is easily broken when stress (also known as volatility, chaos or disorder) is applied to it. Glass or a china tea cup are often offered as examples. When we think of the opposite of fragile the two most common suggestions are usually ‘robust’ or ‘resilient’. ...

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Intern Program 2018


The Propel team (PropelPerform and PropelFit) are open to receive applications for 2018 Intern positions. Propel offer training to elite & developmental Athletes, orthopaedic rehabilitation and have programs for the general population including boot camps, SportsCore, HIIT Express and personalised training. We believe one must practice coaching to improve coaching ability. We therefore strive to create as many coaching opportunities ...

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Junior Sport Science VII – Summary

A Symposium for Coaches of Developmental Athletes.

32 Parents, Coaches & Administrators turned up to the the 7th Junior Sport Science Symposium was held on Thursday, September 14th. Dave Ballard, Brisbane Bronco’s Elite Development Program, kicked off discussing what they do in their program. Dave showed the delegates the programs he writes for his players (aged 14 to 19) at each stage of their development, what he ...

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